About Us

MindVR is a cinematic 3D/360 Virtual Reality video production company based in Redwood City, California.

Our patent-pending camera rig geometry delivers the most immersive VR experiences, ever and we’ve broken the 2 foot proximity barrier, with minimal parallax errors, making post-production stitching a breeze and producing close-up VR beyond belief.

The result is stunningly immersive, visceral VR experiences that will keep visitors coming back for more.

Our services run the full gambit with a host of post-production options including spatial and positional HD audio, graphic overlays, animations, hotspots, and more.

We’re working with high-profile clients in the entertainment, aerospace, manufacturing, and film industries, yet producing awesome Virtual Reality videos at very affordable prices.



Guy Coggins


Visionary, inventor electronics engineer, Guy Coggins developed the the first dependable low cost high voltage power supply. He built his own company Ion Systems and designed Sight for the Blind: mobility aids for the vision impaired.

Guy has also founded Aura Imaging, a multi-million dollar biofeedback computer graphics and special effects photography company, which has been in business for over 40 years in Redwood City.

He is currently CEO, co-founder, and visionary for the MindVR adventure.


Dave Arendash


Dave Arendash (@ThatVRGuy) has been in the VR game since 1983. He’s designed hardware and software for immersive VR experiences. Since 2002 he has been specializing in using videogame technology for real-world solutions, mainly web-based.

Clients have included Fuji-Xerox, Siemens, Euman, IdeaBuilder, and many startups. Projects have involved VR, AR, robotics, telepresence, interactive art, medical imaging, 3D printing and others. He also writes software tools to aid VR content creation.


Philippe Van Lieu

Head of Videography

Philippe Van Lieu has been leading MindVR’s cinematic VR creation since day one, having produced all of MindVR’s work so far.

He has also had a long history of filmmaking, having worked on film projects in one form or another since 2001.

Philippe graduated San Francisco State University with a BA in Technincal and Professional Writing; he aims to apply his skills in writing the first “How To” guide for cinematic VR filmmaking.


Vinson Hudson

Head of Audio

After studying in Berklee, Vinson spent time learning the art of mixing/mastering from the likes of Tom Dowd and Denny Purcell. He still models his workflow from their example.

Vinson has worked with artists like Whitney Houston, Pete Escovedo, El Debarge, Snoop and others. He helped build music careers from his home studio; The London Lab. Bohemia (The Punjabi Rapper), was London Lab’s first success story, after he was signed to Universal Music Group in 2006 and then Sony Music.

Vinson now runs the audio half of the company, and is committed to making VR part of pop culture.


Raja Singh

Graphic Designer


Jim Yee

Web Designer & Developer


Sarah Berkovich



Dennis Leffew

Marketing and Gear


Omolara Odofin

Marketing Director


Rina Johar

Marketing of India


JJ Weldon



Anna Louie

Corporate Development