Viewing Guide

Streaming on iPhone/iOS Device

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Recommended Settings:

  • iOS 8 or higher, with at least 500 MB of free storage
  • Wi-fi access (data rates apply to cellular-based downloads)


  1. Copy URL (for download or stream)
  2. Launch App Store
  3. Download Mobile VR Station App
    MobileVR Station App Logo
  4. Open Mobile VR Station App
    1. Click Download/Stream Wizard
      Step 1 - Download/Steam Screenshot
    2. Click on Enter Path
      Step 2 - Enter Path Screenshot
    3. Arrive at OK/Cancel box with URL pre-loaded
      Step 3 - OK and Cancel Box Screenshot
    4. Click OK
    5. Scroll to Streaming Options section and Click 3D 360 Top/Bottom
      Step 4 - Save Screenshot
    6. Mount phone into glasses / cardboard or HMD
    7. Demo will load and play
    8. Buckle Up & Enjoy!